June 8th // Founding “Simio Jazz Trio”
June 9th // Recording ‘Delusional’
August 1st // Online release of ‘Delusional’
September 11th // Dizzy, Rotterdam NL
September 15th // De Twee Spieghels, Leiden NL
September 22nd // Release concert for ‘Delusional’ @ VMP, ‘s Graveland NL
September 22nd // Interview on CoLive! NPO2 Soul&Jazz
October 24th // Cafe des Minimes, Brussels BE
November 4th // So What’s Next? Downtown, Eindhoven NL
November 23rd // De Regentenkamer, The Hague NL
December 16th // We Make Music, Zuidplein Theater NL


January 5th // De Twee Spieghels, Leiden NL
February 16th // De Twee Spieghels, Leiden NL
February 24th // Mahogany Hall, Edam NL
March 22nd // 27b-Flat, Brugge BE
April 6th // Recording ‘A New Path’
June 6th // Release concert @ Het Koorenhuis, The Hague NL
June 9th // Music Label Night 2019, Zuidplein Theater NL
June 29th // North Sea Round Town, Rotterdam NL
July 5th // Summertime Festival, The Hague NL