We were awarded first prize during the prestigious Prinses Christina Concours 2019 by a jury of professionals. We also received the audience prize and the press prize. We are humbled and honoured by their recognition and motivating words.

Latest release: Flat Earth featuring Rolf Delfos (tenor sax)

Especially during these uncertain times, there is a growth in awareness and compassion in the world. Now more than ever, it is important but hard to question yourself and those around you, and our actions. “Flat Earth” is a cinematic piece in which the saxophone (Rolf Delfos) is the main voice, while the band (SIMIO) moves around him. We like to think that it’s a story of questioning the ‘norm’ and the conflict it brings, while everyone around you tells you to do otherwise.



We’re so glad to perform again, for a real audience! August 14th (Friday) we will give a concert at the Grachtenfestival which is, due to the virus, being held in the Waalse Kerk, Amsterdam. One of the few festivals that



Drummer Tim van Emmerloot and pianist Sergio Abdoelrahman met in 2017. Not long after meeting they started playing together. A year later, June 8th 2018, they decided to form a band. They invited bassist Cas Jiskoot to join them.

They search for their own ways in music and have been doing so ever since. In 2018, recordlabel New Jazz Adventure released their debut record Delusional.

“These dudes can play, and they’ve captured their instrumentals in a crisp hi-def way that gives the immediacy of a live-in-studio experience…”

– Music Connection (US)

“They played with a lot of dynamics, tension and forward motion . . . in such a way that already revealed their rich musical baggage . . . .” 

– Iddo Havinga speaking in behalf of the Press Jury 

In 2019 they’ve received first prize, the press and audience awards at the prestigious Prinses Christina Concours of the Netherlands.

At the end of December 2019 they released a new single PLAYGROUND, revealing a new musical direction for their next album. We decided to go into a different direction; To explore, to inspire and to experience a new challenge.

Their producer, with whom they already recorded 2 EPs, came up with the idea to invite them into the studio without any preparation for arrangements or finished songs. The idea was to create compositions, simply by tracking and playing spontaneously. Out of that one-day session came 8 rough ideas that turned-out to be ‘blue prints”. We have put our energy into a more produced song titled “Playground” and decided to have it released as their first new single.

If you are a SIMIO fan and you know their work from previous productions, sit back and enjoy listening to their performances in this new music direction! 


From the Prinses Christina Concours at BIMHUIS, Amsterdam


Stream Flat Earth featuring Rolf Delfos

SIMIO reflects on todays world. The concept and title of Flat Earth represent a story about people who follow someone else’s actions and opinions without ever asking “Why?”. 

The saxophone, played by Rolf Delfos, suggests someone that stops and asks such questions. While at the same time SIMIO, representing the mass, chaotically moves around him.

It’s easy to repeat someone else’s words and act like they’re your own. But are they really true to you? And are you being true to yourself? It is baked into todays world to follow one another and do as you’re told. It’s important to ask questions and hold up a mirror that sometimes reflects an image you don’t recognise or want to see. To face that image is a necessity to move forward as a person and ultimately as a society. 

Stream Playground

Playground” A new approach to our sound, working with producer Juan van Emmerloot. We experimented with different sounds and grooves and explored how they all affect/enhance the music.

Stream A New Path

A New Path” is a result of a year of playing as a band. The music creates a flow and atmosphere, in which the audience gets involved in. Audience members told us :

“I got carried away in a flow I didn’t want to get out of”

Stream The Beginning Of

SIMIO keeps exploring their musical abilities and sound. This is evident in their first single released. It combines a different approach to groove and composition style. The “theme” consists of harmony, dynamic and rhythm, rather than a clear melody.

Stream Live

Live is a a live performance of SIMIO’s first release party. This took place in the studio Vanmerloot Music Pros and features not only their own compositions, but also an arrangement on populair pieces “Beatrice” and “Nardis”. It also includes Rise and Shine arranged by Robert Glasper.

Stream Delusional

“Delusional” is SIMIO’s debut EP. With music that varies, the EP tells a musical story as a whole. Music Connection (US) says:

“The sweet, soulful “Speech” and the more involved and challenging “Overtone” showcase the group’s virtuosity.”

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