We were awarded first prize during the Prinses Christina Concours 2019! We also received the prize given out by the audience and the press! We are humbled and honoured by their recognition and kind, motivating words.

A special mention to Simon Kalker on bass <3

Video below.


Drummer Tim van Emmerloot and pianist Sergio Abdoelrahman met in 2017. Not long after meeting they started playing together. A year later, June 8th 2018, they decided to form a band. They invited bassist Cas Jiskoot to join them, thus creating SIMIO.

They search for their own ways in music and have been doing so ever since. In 2018, recordlabel New Jazz Adventure released their debut record Delusional.

“These dudes can play, and they’ve captured their instrumentals in a crisp hi-def way that gives the immediacy of a live-in-studio experience…”“…The pianist is smooth and fluid while the bassist is equally adroit. The drummer gets the spotlight in the latter composition, taking it to a hammering climax”

– Music Connection (US)

SIMIO’s members are young, yet tell an ever-evolving story with virtuosity and maturity. The music is cinematic and atmospherical. It depicts a subtle balance between improvisation and composition, and can be interpreted both simple and complex.

Now, in 2019, they’ve developed their sound and embarked on a collaboration with Frederike Schonis. This resulted in the song “Let Him Know” and their latest release: “A New Path”


From the Prinses Christina Concours at BIMHUIS (40:00)


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“A New Path” is a result of a year of playing as a band. The music creates a flow and atmosphere, in which the audience gets involved in. Audience members told us :

“I got carried away in a flow I didn’t want to get out of”

Spotify | Soundcloud

“Delusional” is SIMIO’s debut EP. With music that varies, the EP tells a musical story as a whole. Music Connection (US) says:

“The sweet, soulful “Speech” and the more involved and challenging “Overtone” showcase the group’s virtuosity.”